Mike Brown's Killer Name Revealed by Anonymous

Basic Information Is Being Leaked Online But Still No Word From Ferguson Police

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The infamous online hacking community Anonymous has released the name of the Ferguson county policer officer who allegedly shot and killed the unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

Bryan P. Williams, the cop identified, took to his personal Facebook account and changed his first name to “Scooby” in hope it would keep the public off his tail. The police department is denying this is in fact the killer and is still refusing to release the name of the officer until their investigation is complete.

Mike Brown Killer

@TheAnonMessage has already released personal information on the Ferguson city police chief, including his social security number, home address and a photo that seems to show a confederate flag hanging in the chief’s home.

Confed Flag Ferguson Ploice Chief

All of these are part of their plan to force the city to address the injustices in Ferguson and to improve the policing system across the country.

In a delayed response, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, finally visited Ferguson where violent clashes have gone on since Saturday. He released a statement today saying he has removed the Ferguson police from manning the protest any further.

President Obama will also be making a statement regarding the Ferguson unrest today at 12:15pm EST.

Anonymous is also calling for “A Day of Rage” today. We would rather call it a Peaceful Protest to bring attention to police brutality.

Day of Rage Anonymous