DJ Mister Cee: ”I Do NOT Have Twitter” In 50 Cent/Slowbucks Aftermath


(AllHipHop News) Mister Cee doesn’t do a lot of media, but the legendary DJ wanted to ensure that the masses of readers were perfectly clear on one thing: He doesn’t have a Twitter account.

The Brooklyn-based spin master contacted AllHipHop’s CEO, Chuck Creekmur, to denounce rumors that a twitter account, @real_mistercee, was actually him. While it had been established in the past that Cee didn’t have a twitter account, the fake “Mister Cee” re-emerged in the aftermath of the 50 Cent/ Slowbucks chain snatching debacle at Summer Jam last weekend, effectively muddying the waters of truth again.

On the social network, the fake Cee stated that another individual had Slowbucks’ gold chains, which were allegedly snatched by 50 Cent’s crew during the highly publicized concert.

Sources erroneously informed AllHipHop that despite previous assertions, Cee did manage the account.

Mister Cee also wanted people to know that he clarified the situation with Slowbucks as well.