Mr. Cee Talks Getting Therapy, Possibly Admitting To Being Bisexual One Day + More

Mr. Cee Talks Getting Therapy, Possibly Admitting To Being Bisexual One Day + More

(AllHipHop News) If there is one positive thing Mr. Cee has gained from this week’s controversy is multiple forums to freely express his plight. In a recent interview with XXL, the legendary Hot 97 DJ talks extensively about his decision to resign, his sexuality, if he will ever engage in sexual acts with men again and much more.

According to Cee, he recently had a case of his dismissed which involved allegations of him soliciting sex from an undercover police officer but is not sure if the leaked video is related to that decision.

Mr. Cee addressed his sexuality and reiterated his stance that due to the fact he was never penetrated or penetrated another man he does not consider himself a homosexual. However, he did leave the possibility open for therapy to help him come to a deeper realization about his sexuality:

I’m going to go to therapy and trying to deal with that side of it, recognizing who I really am. Maybe I can go to therapy and try to move forward with this and actually one day say that, ”Yes, I’m actually a bisexual man.” ’Cause I do love women too. I have my experiences with women.

Cee admits that he has been soliciting prostitutes for over five years and that he plans on discontinuing this practice in order to better understand himself and to not put Hot 97 in danger of bad publicity. While Cee will stop soliciting prostitutes he does not know if he plans on discontinuing having sexual relations with men:

 I feel that I need therapy to come to the realization of who I am as a person. Will I ever engage in sexual activity with a man ever again? I can’t really say if I would or if I wouldn’t. Have I been involved within recent months? I have not. I’m still dealing, and I’m still finding my way through whole thing.

The full interview can be viewed at XXL’s website and includes Mr. Cee discussing the fake Twitter account made in his name, the ramifications this incident has on his family and more.