Mysonne Speaks On Confronting Trinidad James (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) A photo of an alleged confrontation between Atlanta rapper Trinidad James and New York rapper Mysonne hit the internet recently, and the pic sparked speculation about what exactly took place when the two met face-to-face. Mysonne alluded to the incident on Twitter, but it was not until a sit down with VladTV that he spoke directly about the encounter.

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Mysonne revealed that he was approached by a mutual acquaintance from New York who was with Trinidad at the Sole Con event in the city. The middle man apparently attempted to open a conversation between Mysonne and Trinidad.

“He came to me respectfully and was like, ‘Yo, listen I respect you, and [Trinidad] wants to know if there is any way y’all can settle your differences,” said Mysonne. “I expressed to him our differences is the same differences you should have. You from here.”

From there Mysonne spoke with Trinidad expressing to the southern performer his problem with the now famous “south runs New York” rant and non-apology afterwards. He says he also stated his commitment to NYC and refusal to let anyone disrespect his hometown.

Mysonne confirms that the meeting did not turn violent implying that he did not take that route because Trinidad James is just a rapper and not someone from the street like him.

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Watch the interview in the video below.