N.O.R.E.: What Lord Jamar Said About White Rappers Is Correct…But Outdated (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) N.O.R.E. becomes the latest Hip Hop artist to comment on Lord Jamar’s stance that white rappers are “guests” in Hip Hop. Speaking with VladTV, the 36 year old rap veteran stated that while Lord Jamar’s comments may be outdated, they are nonetheless correct.

After admitting that “Lord Jamar is absolutely right in how the foundation of Hip Hop started”, N.O.R.E. uses Jamar’s own house metaphor to explain how misguided his stance was:

When you look at a house. You look at how a house is built. The people laying the bricks might tell you the way it was built and the people who doing the electricity is going to break it down totally different. You understand what I’m saying? They going to have two totally different opinions. But they both the peoples who built the house.

N.O.R.E declared his support for “White Hip Hop”, but not without further explaining why Lord Jamar would come to such a conclusion about that subset of Hip Hop. According to N.O.R.E, it all boils down to generational differences:

As a person who’s—I’m 36. I think Lord Jamar he’s 46 or in his 40s.  I’m a couple of years younger, but I see where he’s talking about. So, I know the era he’s speaking about and those people who was doing it at the time. Those forefathers would probably frown on this. You know what I’m saying? But look at it like this. I look at it like this, my father was anti-gay. He was anti anything that resembled gay. Like he had family members in his family he never spoke to because they were gay…What I’m saying is those people can’t be talked out of how they feel. They feel the f*ckin way they feel. And that’s it.

Check out N.O.R.E.’s full remarks on the Lord Jamar situation on VladTV below: