Nas Says “The Mafia Is Never Wiped Out”, Receiving Lost “Illmatic” Rhymes In Mail + More


(AllHipHop News) Zane Lowe and Nas chat about Illmatic during its 20th anniversary month. On BBC Radio One, Nas reveals copious secrets about Illmatic, the state of New York City during the time of Illmatic‘s conception and more.

One interesting topic the two spoke on is how New York City changed during the 80s to the 90s. One of the changes Nas noticed with New York City is the presence of organized crime, referencing former Mayor Rudy Guliani.

They wiped out the Mafia, early 90s in New York. For the most part, the Mafia is NEVER wiped out.

Always the perfectionist, Nas admits that there are rhymes for Illmatic that were never recorded because he lost several notebooks containing lyrics. Nas spoke on how he was given the rhymes back by a magnanimous New Yorker:

I lost a couple of books or A book, I cant remember. But, for fun I wrote in that notepad ‘whoever finds this I really need this. Send back to this address’ and I gave my address that was in Queensbridge. I said I was forced to kind of remember what I wrote there and then come up with the rest of it on my own. After the album is done and everything, I got this package with his this guy’s name and number.

Nas lost the rhymebook shortly after again following retrieving it again.

Nas reveals other Illmatic secrets such as Q-Tip suggested “One Love” be about his summer vacation. Nas also states that one of the beats Pete Rock gave him ended up on a future Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth.

Check out Nas’ full Zane Lowe interview on BBC Radio One below: