New Details Emerge In Jam Master Jay’s Murder

Was The Surveillance Tape From Jam Master Jay’s Murder Tampered With?

(AllHipHop News) Legendary Hip Hop DJ Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC was gunned down at a Queens recording studio on October 30, 2002. Over a decade later the case is still unsolved and no suspects were ever charged for the murder, but PIX 11 spoke with the NYPD lead detective on the case. Detective Vincent Santangelo provided some new details about Jay’s killing.

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According to Santangelo, the surveillance tape that was supposed to record people who entered the Merrick Boulevard studio was “useless” adding that it was not clear if the tape found when police arrived was either improperly set-up or tampered with.

“When we went to go and take that tape and view it, it was an old tape,” said Detective Santangelo. “It looked like spring time.”

Jay (born Jason Mizell) was killed in late October, so police believe the images on the tape do not match that day’s  weather. The television monitor used to display visitors entering in the studio was located right next to video game system that Jay and Uriel “Tony” Rincon were playing at the time. Rincon was also shot in the leg.

Santangelo also confirmed that Jay’s assistant, Lydia High who was present during the shooting, did identify Ronald Tinard Washington as the “look-out” for the unnamed shooter. Washington was never charged for Jay’s murder and is currently serving federal time for unrelated burglary charges.

Jam Master Jay’s brother, Marvin Thompson, added he believes both Rincon and High know he killed his brother. Thompson says he was never able to speak to the two eye witnesses to the crime, because they both had security surrounding them at Jay’s gravesite and later relocated from the city.

Thompson also says that he is does not think, Curtis Scoon, one of the names that has been implicated as being the person who ordered a possible hit, was not involved in Jay’s murder.

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Watch the Pix 11 news report below.