New York Cop Files Racial Profiling Lawsuit Against Macy's


(AllHipHop News) Ever since the racial profiling allegations against Barneys and Macy’s became public the retailers and the police have gone back and forth about exactly which was responsible for the discrimination. The stores implicated the New York Police Department as the instigators. The cops claimed it was the stores that asked them to stop customers. Now it is a former cop that says she was the victim in a case of profiling at one of the sites.

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The HuffPost reports Hispanic officer Jenny Mendez is suing Macy’s for $40 million because she believes was arrested at the location because of her race. Mendez was shopping at the NYC flagship store on Black Friday last year when a bag with clothes she had not paid for yet was stolen from her possession.

Store security caught the accused shoplifter, but when Mendez arrived at the security office with more items that she had not paid for yet she was then detained for shoplifting. The police were called and she was arrested.

Eventually, Mendez was acquitted of the charges in September because a store detective admitted during the trial that her supervisors told her to file a false confession from Mendez.

“Your boss is telling you to lie on this report?” Mendez’ lawyer Philip Karasyk asked the detective in court.

“I guess so, yes,” the detective responded.

Mendez says the whole ordeal caused her to lose her job with the NYPD. This suit comes after Treme actor Robert Brown sued Macy’s and the NYPD last month for profiling as well.

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