ODB’s Estate Resolves Legal Issues, New Documentary Available Online


(AllHipHop News) After months of miscommunications and a failed screening, Raison Allah’s documentary on the life of his cousin Ol’ Dirty Bastard will finally see the light of day. The NuHo Film Festival and the Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard have resolved their legal issues and released Dirty: Platinum Edition online.

The NuHo Film Festival planned to originally release Dirty: Platinum Edition at an AllHipHop-sponsored November 15th film screening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Due to a cease and desist order issued by ODB’s Estate, the film was prevented from being screened. The NuHo Film Festival apologized for the film not being screened:

The NuHo Film Festival apologizes to all the individuals who attended the November 15th red carpet screening, to our media partner AllHipHop.com who was not expecting the event to turn out the way it did, to the press that attended, but most importantly to all Wu-Tang and ODB fans who were expecting to enjoy the film on November 15th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

In the weeks following the failed screening, The NuHo Film Festival pre-screened the documentary for ODB’s estate, which includes his widowed wife Icelene Jones. Today (December 7th), The NuHo Film Festival announces that it has reached an agreement with the ODB Estate and that the ODB documentary titled Dirty: Platinum Edition is now available to stream at www.NuHoFilmFest.com.

View full NuHo press release below: