ODB's Widow, Icelene Jones Tells Her Side of Story on Failed Documentary Screening


(AllHipHop News) Threats, misinformation and entitlement are three themes that permeate Icelene Jones’ response to Chris Kanik’s retelling of why the screening of the Ol Dirty Bastard documentary Dirty Platinum failed to come to fruition. In an interview with XXL, Jones spoke on the legal issues that prevented the documentary from being screened, the inconsistencies in NuHo Film Festival’s owner’s Chris Kanik’s story and more.

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The documentary Dirty Platinum was scheduled to be screened on the late rapper’s birthday (November 15th) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Kanik maintained that he was notified about a cease and desist order placed on the film by ODB’s estate 24 hours prior to the screening. However, Ms. Jones claims Kanik knew about the order “2-3 weeks” before the event:

It wasn’t a last minute thing. The communication has been very clear. The letter didn’t go out the day of, this is something that’s been going back and forth for a while. And that’s what they tried to make it seem like—like Icelene Jones messed up everybody’s good time and stopped everybody from seeing the film.

Both Kanik and Jones agree that the family requested up front money for the rights to ODB’s likeness, image and music. However, whereas Kanik viewed the request as “greed”, Jones’ manager Melissa Jacobs believes the estate is entitled to such compensation:

He’s turning this into a personal thing. We asked for money up front. We are the estate of Russell Jones, we have been appointed by the courts. You’re using his birthday, you’re using his picture, you’re promoting this event, you’re promoting this website. Then when we ask for compensation he’s trying to make it sound like we’re asking for something we’re not entitled to have.

Jones also refutes Kanik’s claim that he offered her and/or the estate 25% of all the profit the documentary accumulated.

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