Odd Future's MellowHigh(Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats)- "In The Meantime" [Off Debut Album]

Odd Future’s MellowHigh(Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats)- “In The Meantime” [Off Debut Album]

“Sh*t I been on this Earth for a while/and there ain’t no church in the wild/I ain’t been to church in a while/F*ck these rap nigg*s they just want to purchase your style/You live a fake nig*a life so it should hurt when you smile.”-Domo Genesis

As the culture of Hip Hop enters its postmodern stage with genres clashing together (Yeezus, Magna Carta Holy Grail, etc) Odd Future’s Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats deliver a boom bap lyrical assault with “In The Meantime”. While both MC’s deliver impassioned verses, Domo Genesis shows the sort of advanced lyrical dexterity that made his verse on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Knight” so arresting that it makes you forget anything else associated with the song.

The duo is expected to perform at Odd Future’s Camp Flog Gnaw Festival at LA Coliseum on November 9th with the rest of the extensive Odd Future acts performing sets as well. The group’s highly anticipated self-titled debut full length album is set to be available on October 31st.

Check out “In The Meantime” below: