Police Officer Fired For Using Trayvon Martin’s Image For Target Practice


(AllHipHop News) A police sergeant with the Port Canaveral Police Department was practicing his firearm skills, but the targets he was shooting looked just like Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie.

For his actions, Sgt. Ron King no longer has a job with the police force.

King used the image for target practice, according to the Associated Press.

“Whether it was his stupidity or his hatred, (this is) not acceptable,” said Port Authority interim CEO Jim Walsh.
King was teaching other officers how to use their guns and had the Trayvon-looking posters in his car. Not only did the posters have a faceless figure in a hoodie, but they also had Skittles candy in a pocket and ice tea in a hand.

This is what Trayvon Martin had on his person when he was slain by George Zimmerman in a Florida gated community. Martin was unarmed.

The murder trial of Zimmerman starts in June at press time.

King also offered the posters to other officers.

The Martin family released a statement through their lawyers.

“It is absolutely reprehensible that a high-ranking member of the Port Canaveral Police, sworn to protect and serve Floridians, would use the image of a dead child as target practice,” the statement said.

King tried to plea that he was simply trying to show officers that they need to exercise restraint when using their guns. He owns a company that offers firearm training and coaches people for personal safety, according to the AP.