R. Kelly: A Pair of Flying Black Panties Inspired My New Album (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly draws inspiration from the most unconventional of places. He compared a woman to his jeep eight years before he sang “let me put my key in your ignition”. During his interview with Billboard’s The Juice, the veteran R&B crooner revealed what flying object inspired his new album Black Panties.

Speaking with Billboard’s Erika Ramirez, R. Kelly explained how one performance during the Love Letter tour left an indelible mark on his mind…and his wrist:

I’m on stage doing the Love Letter tour and I was singing “Seem Like You Ready”. Everytime Im singing “s panties start flying out of everywhere. Seriously. But this particular night, a pair of mediums came out of the sky and they were black and they landed on my wrist. Immediately I looked at that and looked up like “that’s a sign”. Yeah, the idea hit me right away.

Later in the interview he claims he is planning to “start putting out albums like Jordans” and is already six songs deep into an album he says is untitled. According to Kelly, the album will be a continuation of the Black Panties theme.

Check out R. Kelly’s full interview with Billboard’s The Juice below: