Raekwon Speaks Volumes In Supporting Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez


(AllHipHop News) Raekwon, expresses continued support for the embattled Bronx bomber, Alex Rodriguez. Recently, the once-celebrated home-run king was accosted by Chelsea Handler.

The “Chelsea Lately” star readily shared her scathing opinion of Rodriguez. She thinks he’s “a buffoon,” “a pile of sh*t,” and “hates the way he carries himself.”

The suspended slugger has been vehemently attacked for alleged use of performance-enhancing-drugs. Although plagued with controversy, Rodriguez has garnered support from his loyal supporters.

In an exclusive statement, Raekwon Expresses Support to Alex Rodriguez

“They’re trying to make him feel like he’s a bad guy. He’s proven himself to be legitimate. The Yanks are the Yanks. They’re like us [the Wu-Tang Clan]. You’re going to have stuff that happens in a team. At the end of the day. That don’t mean you still don’t love the players still, you know what I mean. You still love them, but at t the end of the day, even with everything that Alex Rodriguez is going through.”

On the Enduring Rodriguez Legacy

“At the end of the day, they still respect him. I think that’s the most important thing. Just maintaining that integrity and respect for your family based on that. If you didn’t do something, or you feel a certain way, you stand behind it. You know, that doesn’t take away from you as an athlete. You’re still a great athlete. You’re always going to hear crazy accusations. As a family and as a man, you have to go through that and stand tall.”