Rick Ross Reportedly Won’t Respond To 50 Cent Because He’s “Irrelevant”


(AllHipHop News) First it was Steve Stoute saying 50 Cent is no longer “influential.” Now Rick Ross is saying the G-unit leader is “irrelevant.” Ross’ latest jab at his longtime rival comes after 50 posted (then deleted) a picture on Instagram suggesting Ross, Stoute, and Sean “Diddy” Combs were gay.

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50 IG

TMZ apparently spoke with sources in the Ross camp, and they say the Mastermind rapper is not going to respond to 50’s IG post. The site claims Rozay is focusing on his music and not on someone who he sees as insignificant.

The two rappers were engaged in a feud in 2009 that included disses in songs, videos, and interviews. 50 Cent is currently involved in a lawsuit with the mother of Ross’ child as result of the back-and-forth.

Lastonia Leviston accuses 50 of uploaded a video to the internet of her having sex with another man. She claims it was done as a way to humiliate Ross.

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