Rick Ross Talks About The Meeting W/ Jeezy That Squashed The Beef


(AllHipHop News) After weeks of T.I.’s mediator skills being highlighted in the ending of Jeezy and Rick Ross beef, one of the participants discusses how the face to face meeting transpired. Yesterday (February 25th), Ross spoke with Angie Martinez about his new album Mastermind, his new home and details the meeting with Jeezy that ended their beef.

On The Angie Review, the Maybach Music Group boss explained that him and Jeezy’s respective camps were on opposite sides of a door. After Angie asks if there was any tension once the two warring camps realized they were in close proximity, Ross admits momentary caution before reconciliation:

Yeah. There most definitely was umm..you don’t know how it’s going to go down. But we both just bossed up. Chopped it up. We did it for the South. We did it for the culture.

Ross also reveals that Diddy’s eviscerating interludes on the Mastermind song “Nobody” weren’t staged but were privately captured audio of Diddy in an actual conversation. While Ross does not reveal who Diddy was yelling “you wanted to f*ckin’ walk around these roaches” and “the truth will set you free, son” he does reveal it was captured by a member of Diddy’s REVOLT team.

Check out the full interview below: