Rick Ross Talks John McEnroe Feud, Gluten-Free Cornbread + More


(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross  . In a recent interview, the Maybach Music Group boss spoke on how he deals with paparazzi, a feud with a tennis legend and how cornbread makes him know he “made it.”

The reporter for The Guardian attests that he was informed if he mentioned Rick Ross’ date rape lyric from last year that involved Reebok that he interview would be over. However, Ross was open to discussing h is tactics with dealing with incessant paparazzi:

What you do is you don’t fight it. You go out, wearing your nice pea coat and you say, ‘Get this angle.’ Now go over there.’ You know, give the guy some art direction. Then when they think about it later, they’ll be like, ‘Hold up, I just did a free photoshoot!’ ‘Yes you did! Now come along.’ Don’t fight them, use them motherf*ckers!

Ross’ manager and longtime friend Gucci Pucci explained that Ross has a friendly feud with former tennis legend John McEnroe. Ross and McEnroe are neighbors and have apparently been engaging in a battle according to Pucci:

They put tennis balls in Ross’s yard, but the other day I put a big-ass lizard in his yard.

Back in October of 2011, Ross suffered back to back seizure on a private jet a week after becoming the owner of his own Wing Stop in Memphis. According to Ross, his new diet as a result has made him rethink what success is:

You know when you know you’ve made it? When you’ve got your own gluten-free cornbread.

Check out the full interview here.