Schoolboy Q Rides The First Ever Hoverboard…Allegedly (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Mark Cuban says “this f*cking thing is going to change the world” and Schoolboy Q is in disbelief it actually exists. What is it? According to the website of Huvr Tech, they have created the world’s first hoverboard and had Schoolboy Q, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens and more test it out.

The site claims that their product, Huvr is a real-life hoverboard offers auto-stabilizing  technology that allows riders to balance on the board while off the ground. Dallas Mavericks owner and venture capitalist Mark Cuban is touted as an investor. Schoolboy Q participated in the live demonstration and expressed how the Huvr’s performance quickly eradicated his initial disbelief:

I didn’t believe it. They told me they have a hoverboard that can fly. I didn’t believe it. This sh*t is a crazy board.

However, not everyone has suspended their disbelief in the product. Popular tech site The Verge claims they could not find any trademarks or company information for Huvr Tech.

While there is no official release date for the product announced, the Huvr site has a graphic that says “Destination Date: December 2014”.

Check out more information on Huvr at their official site and watch Schoolboy Q fly off the ground on a hoverboard below: