Slim Thug Goes On Pro-Rick Ross Twitter Rant

Slim Thugs Slams Fake Rap Fans and Reebok Over Dropping Rick Ross

(AllHipHop News) After news broke that Reebok had dropped Rick Ross over his controversial date rape lyrics, Slim Thug took to twitter to defend his fellow rapper.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Slim chastised people and corporations who judge rappers although they aren’t true Hip-Hop fans. He also spoke with it seems first-hand experience about the effects of molly on a woman.

“Damn haters won RT @TMZ: #Breaking Reebook Gives Rick Ross The Boot,” Thug tweeted April 11th.

“So why they don’t protest Eminem for all that crazy sh*t he be saying???”

“And I know they ain’t listening to UOENO so why they give a f*ck”

“And I never seen a b*tch pass out on a Molly they stay up all night so how is that rape? U.O.E.N.O”

“I bet them ppl protesting dnt even buy Reebox freedom of speech if u dnt like it dnt listen to it”

“Every b*tch I been with on Molly try to rape me and after that they up all night after I pass out”

“Ok idk but its still some bullsh*t RT @Pushermania: @slimthugga Eminem has been protested about 100 times”

“And I guess ppl put rape over murder cause ppl can talk about killing n*ggas all day that’s cool but u put a b*tch on Molly”

“They ain’t care about all the dope he was rapping bout selling when they signed him but now they tripping after all that promo”

“All I’m saying is its a rap song and he didn’t say he bout to rape a b*tch so he shouldn’t have lost a deal over it”

Do you agree with Slim or should all of these rappers understand that rape can’t be downplayed?