Snoop Lion Says Tupac Was Crazy, Praises Drake + More W/ A$AP Rocky (VIDEO)

Snoop Lion Says Tupac Was Crazy, Praises Drake + More W/ A$AP Rocky (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Over twenty years in the Hip Hop game leads to one having a keen knowledge of lesser known stories. In the 2nd part of Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky’s Back & Forth interview with Noisey, Snoop spoke on the infamous fight between Tupac and the Hughes brothers.

Back in 1993, Tupac assaulted the directors, Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes after the pair dropped the rapper from their seminal flick Menace II Society.

Tupac was crazy man. He didn’t even beat both of them up, he beat one of them up. [Laughs] Them n*ggas were my homeboys too. The Hughes Brothers were my friends. They lived right around the corner from me. They were my friends, man. They were squares like a motherfu*ker but they were my friends. I hate that Tupac beat him up. I don’t even know which one he beat up but it made me sick to the stomach.

In a 2009 interview with Vibe Magazine, Allen Hughes asserted that Tupac did not beat them up himself but had “12 Crips” beat up the director and even says “Tupac could not fight to save his motherf*cking life”:

The biggest misnomer is that me and Tupac got into any fight. It was me and 12 Crips that he got to jump me. He didn’t do s### Tupac didn’t lay a hand on me. I had my hands on him. But there was not a physical fight between me and Tupac. It was a physical fight between me and 12 gangbangers. I believe they are called the Rolling 40s and they rolled me up pretty good.

The gangsta rap pioneer who recently released a song with Drake called “No Guns Allowed” addressed the recent shootings and how those youth are brainwashed:

My whole background is guns. My first photoshoot I had real guns. Scared the photographer when I popped it on him like ‘wait a minute’. Yeah, n*gga this sh*t is loaded. It’s hot. You know what I’m saying? So I know what that is because I come from that, but it’s a brainwashing. I remember in the 70’s, all my homies used to fight and if you lost a fight you just went home and you lost. Then when the 80’s came, you lose a fight, you pick up a gun. Then the 90’s come, wasn’t no fighting, straight POP, POP, POP, POP!

Check out the full 2nd part to A$AP Rocky and Snoop Lion’s interview where he talks about Madonna, praises Drake for his songwriting ability and more below: