[STREAM/DOWNLOAD] Alexander Dreamer’s “Dancing With The Devil”

[STREAM/DOWNLOAD] Alexander Dreamer’s New Album “Dancing With The Devil”

In today’s music industry where do-it-yourself is not merely a trendy buzzterm but a mantra for a paradigm shift, Alexander Dreamer’s debut album Dancing With The Devil embodies the DIY ideals. The 20 year old artist produced, wrote, recorded and engineered the entire Dancing With The Devil project and delivered a cohesive product that blends multiple genres into one alluring musical tapestry.


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The album will be available for purchase tomorrow (January 7th) but is available to be downloaded and streamed for free. Check out Dancing With The Devil along with Dreamer’s music video for “Underneath The Gods[Fallen Kings]” below:

“Underneath The Gods(Fallen Kings)” Music Video