T.I. Reminisces On Doe B’s Life At His Funeral (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The funeral for slain rapper Doe B took place yesterday (January 4th) at True Divine Baptist Church in his hometown of Montgomery AL. The 22 year old Grand Hustle artist’s boss, T.I. gave an impassioned speech.

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Doe B, born Glenn Thomas was murdered at hometown club Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on December 28th. During his speech, T.I. spoke on Thomas’ preference for studio sessions over club appearances:

Over here at Hustle Gang, we have a host of artists. All of them know that I tell them ‘listen, your talent is only going to get you so far.’ It’s the things that you learn, the things that you are able to do outside of the booth that will separate you from the rest. I said the same thing to Glen. He never left the studio. He never left the studio. He said ‘I’d rather be here than the club, because I know this is going to pay off.

After reminding the packed church that Grand Hustle is a “family business”, T.I. pledged to sustain the memory of his fallen comrade:

I will never let his life be lived in vain. All of my resources, all of my relationships, all of my efforts, all of my energy will be put forth to make sure that his dream lives on.

Check out T.I.’s full eulogy at Doe B’s funeral below: