Talib Kweli To Release Physical Copies Of “Gravitas” With Exclusive Interactive Experience


(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop veteran Talib Kweli’s cut out the “middle man” for the digital release of his 6th album Gravitas last year by offering it directly to the people on his site Kweliclub.com. The Brooklyn emcee is now providing listeners the opportunity to purchase CD and blue vinyl copies of the LP as well.

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“One of my favorite things about today’s Hip Hop is the honesty,” states Kweli. “Today’s most popular rappers aren’t always politically correct or deep, but the best are unflinchingly honest. While my story may be documented, I have never truly told my story through music. My true fans have heard bits and pieces through the years, but Gravitas sums up my experience until now.”

Kweli is expanding buying Gravitas into an interactive experience. People that purchase the album through Kweliclub.com will also be added to the performer’s personal address book. This will allow his fans to communicate directly with Kweli by email.

“Social media, YouTube and music streaming sites have made it where a casual listener can say they are a big fan without ever having to actually support the artist by purchasing the music,” says Kweli. “Kweliclub.com is set up for me to be able to stay in touch with my truest fans, the ones who are happy to support me with their dollars. This is a way for me to give back to them.”

Gravitas will be available for purchase on www.kweliclub.com or at online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores though Javotti Media/Fat Beats on February 18th.

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Listen to Talib Kweli’s “Violations” featuring Raekwon below.