The Game Joins With Gang Members To Fund Funeral Of Murdered 7-Year-Old Boy


(AllHipHop News) The tragic killing of 7-year-old Talib Pecantte has rocked the Los Angeles area. The young boy was shot in the chest while sitting in a parked car with his mother and an unidentified man. As response to the murder rapper Game is working with local members of the Crips, Bloods, and Spanish gangs to raise funds for Pecantte’s funeral.

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“In 60 minutes, $7000 which is a generous contribution from people who don’t have to give anything,” announced Game. “We grew up in this city, so at the end of the day we kind of feel obligated. So I’m gonna keep on raising money.”

The Jesus Piece rapper also revealed that he has managed to broker a “Cease-Fire L.A.” campaign with the city’s gangs for the holiday season. Game says the short-term goal will be reevaluated at the top of year and beyond.

Authorities have not arrested anyone for the shooting yet. The suspects have only been described as four black males in black hoodies last seen in a white vehicle. Talib’s mother and the man in the car were also hit, but are reported to be okay.

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Listen to Game talk about his effort to help the Pecantte family in the TMZ video below.