THE MEDIA AND FALSE NARRATIVES: Looting In Ferguson? Or Civil Unrest?


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The mainstream media and the public affairs department of the police are working overtime. And so are people in social media. They are killing me with this BS about the so-called looting. Yes, looting happens, but why us that top story in the case of Mike Brown. Well, I will tell you. They will relentlessly perpetuate the idea that Black people are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY savages. Mind you, there is a dead teenager in a box somewhere because a COWARD shot him in the back and then in the front as he held his hands up. No dead unarmed teen = no looting. So, please stay very aware of what is being fed. All the people out there are not looting. Most are peaceful or fighting back or defending themselves. Protesters are helping clean up stores and/or attempting to stop the looting. The media, the police are attempting to criminalize Mike Brown (and just about every other dead, unarmed individual), to diminish his value as a human being even farther. They are basically overtly suggesting that he deserved to die the way he did because he MAY HAVE stolen some cigars or posed in a picture they didn’t like. That is all meaningless.

Reverse the circumstances and let me know what the narrative is.

Black male cop shoots unarmed white teen.

In the back.

In the front.

With his hands up.

Left in the street for hours.