Trademark Da Skydiver: Smoothe Sailing


New Orleans rapper and Jet Life Affiliated, Trademark Da Skydiver is flying high these day. With the recent release his project “Flamingo Barnes 2: Mingo Royale” in November, he has created quite the buzz for his career. The Jet Life affiliated sits down with to discuss his passion for rap, his name, connecting with Currency, and his new project.

Why do you rap?

I rap because it’s the only way I know how to express myself, fully without having a conversation with someone, it’s that on top of connecting with people.

What’s your affiliation with Jet Life and Currency?

I have been with them for going on about 5 or 6 years now, I been since Fly Society to the Jets. Right now I’m focus on myself, I have a label that I just popped off, I have artist I am trying to get to the forefront. It’s really just about expanding, if I go out on my own, and do my own thing that just makes the Jet Brand stronger. I have known Currency for a long time since we was kids, before either one of was really into rapping. We have a mutual friend and one day I went to the studio with him and he was in there, he seen me and asked me was I still rapping and he said “cool he got a mix tape coming out I want you to get on it“, and it’s been lock since then.

Why the name Trademark Da Skydiver?

Well Trademark has been my rap name since forever, of course when I hooked up with the Jets it just made sense. I was like head first behind everything, I am very outspoken, I speak my mind, I don’t hold my tongue, so I was like Skydiver. It represented my personality

Tell us about your project?  

It’s crazy, it’s the best project in my opinion that I put out. I took my time with it, a lot of my other project was done real fast. I just wanted to take my time and dig deep and pull out my different personalities. This project is really dope; it has a different sound from anything I have done.  It symbolizes my independence.

What makes your music different?  How are you going change the music industry?

Nobody shares my brain, nobody shares the path that I walked I life. I see myself as a versatile artist, I mean changing the game just in that sense. I just come real straight forward. We will just have to see what type of impact I make. All of that is up to the fans. It’s up to them what type of impact I make.

What’s your opinion so far on the industry? 

I respect everybody, who out there making noise and waves. A lot of people complaining about what’s on the radio and what they don’t like.Like I said early that’s the way people express their selves . I am not one of them cats who like this is watered down. People like it, people buying, people on MTV Jams . I just don’t see how people complaining if you don’t like it, don’t rock with it. Its like to many people have they opinions but, a lot of them need to learn their place. At the end of the day respect everybody. I respect everybody

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