Trindad James To Joe Budden: “If You Don’t Like Me, Fight Me” (VIDEO)

Trindad James To Joe Budden: “If You Don’t Like Me, Fight Me” (VIDEO)

This ain’t for bandwagon fans, sit ya a#### in the same spot/ Y’all the same n—as that made Trinidad James hot.”-Joe Budden

(AllHipHop News) Trinidad James’ first mixtape told the world Dont Be S.A.F.E. and now he’s telling his detractors don’t be stupid. In a recent interview, the All Gold Everything rapper responded to Joe Budden’s disparaging remarks in his “Lost Control” response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse.

James expressed no malice towards the New Jersey lyricist but did offer a physical way to remedy their differences:

It’s all love, I mean, I make music to answer a lot of those types of questions,” James said in an interview when asked about Budden’s lines. “I don’t consider it a diss. I’m from the streets so a n*gga talking is like a n*gga talking. A n*gga punching, you don’t like me, then you fight me. That’s why I make the songs to let you know, if you don’t like me, then you can fight me. I’m never going to diss you back, we gonna throw these hands back and forth. That’s all this is about.

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Check out the full interview below: