[VIDEO] Are The Feds Targeting Hip-Hop? Experts Weigh In.

feds casanova g-herbo

From G-Herbo to Casanova – its seems like the Feds are watching Hip-Hop artists. Are they?

Donald Trump just let out a bunch of people through pardons and commutations. But there are still a slew of rappers that have been nabbed by law enforcement, specifically the Feds. Now, we know that rappers are a particular lot, but one cannot help but think that the Feds may just have it out for young, Black, rich rap artists.

It does not help that rappers often shine that bright light on themselves. Glistening jewels, big guns and money stacks may not be an indication of wrong-doing, but it certainly can get the Laws sniffing around. In the past, we knew that the “Hip-Hop Police” had rappers and their crews on file so why would these times be any different. The major changes include technological advances like social media, which the Feds can easily obtain intelligence on everything from beefs to perceived spending habits.

AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Amir “Loon” Muhadith, a rapper under Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, Phillip C. Hamilton, Esq., a managing partner at Hamilton Clarke law firm and veteran journalist Lisa Evers converse over the top of Hip-Hop and The Feds.

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