Wiz Khalifa Talks Being Forcibly Pulled Over By Police, Mike Brown Shooting + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Wiz Khalifa still has love for the police even if they like to put a gun to his head. During a recent interview, the Blacc Hollywood MC spoke on his constant run-ins with the law, the Mike Brown shooting and more.

A warrant for Wiz Khalifa’s arrest was issued on August 6th when he failed to appear at a court hearing regarding his May arrest over marijuana possession in El Paso, TX. According to Wiz in his interview with 106 FM KMEL, the 27 year old MC says he’s been dealing with improper polic attention for over a decade, at least:

I’ve been driving since I was 16, I never got pulled over one time without having a gun to my head. They always pull me over and say, ‘Get out the car. What are you doing?’ Yanking me out the car. So I know how rough it could be and how you have to be not giving them any type of funk or they’ll do what they have to do. A lot of kids don’t know it’s that real out here.

Khalifa has smoked himself to Zen and even though he admits to having horrible experiences with police he admits that he does not hate cops. On his Curren$y-featured Blacc Hollywood song “House on the Hills”, Wiz addresses the racially biased coverage of his career. When the topic turned to the Mike Brown shooting, Wiz hoped that his song and other artists will help raise awareness of the grave reality an increasing number of young Black males face with the police:

Check out this part of Wiz’s interview with KMEL below: