Women Hitting Men: What’s Really Good?


Oh no! Scandal has been brought to the feet of Hip-Hop’s first family.

I am, of course, speaking of Jay Z’s elevator incident with Solange as Beyoncé looked on. Damn! Jay and Beyoncé maintain an image with no overt relationship flaws and had the world abuzz a few short years ago with the birth of Blue Ivy. No family is perfect, but no one expected a family driven controversy like this to come out for all of the world to see via video. It’s simply bizarre. The hilarious memes, which I admit to laughing out loud to, have flooded the net and so have the comments. Some of the sentiments of the situation are what made me write this piece about violence amongst the sexes.

Much of what I was seeing online reminded me of an unspoken double standard that it is OK for women to hit men in order to vent their frustrations. This double standard empowers some women to feel that if they attack a man they are totally safe from retaliation. In this case, I thank Jay for proving that double standard does exist and maintaining his composure without physical retribution. I would have done the same. I do not know what sparked this incident and will not speculate amongst all of the rumors. However, unless JAY Z put his hands on Solange, her child, or Beyonce I personally do not see Solange’s actions as being justified. Even if Jay called her a… (you just go ahead and add whatever vicious comment you want about Solange).

I posted my sentiments on the topic on Facebook and a female friend of mine posted the now deleted comment:

“You know, I think it’s funny because I remember back in the day when he rapped about using women for just one thing. And always essentially, being in control. He got seriously served by a woman. Let other rappers who want to constantly rap about “b***hes” take notes. And I am wondering about what folks at Marcy Projects are saying. But of course, violence is inexcusable, regardless.”

I read that and was like WTF?! This came from an educated woman that I respect and graduated from NYU. The non-violent closing does nothing to salve the pro-violent sentiment that Jay and other rappers are fair game to be attacked by women because of misogynistic rhymes or whatever reason. According to that logic an actor who plays a killer in a film deserves to be executed and the cops should be after Rick Ross for the tons of drugs he has sold within his songs. Speaking of Rick Ross, if the door swings both ways, he would have been justified to attack Kreayshawn at the MTV awards for all of the smack she spoke about him. That logic is just preposterous and not my focus. I posted the quote because it embodies the spirit of other comments that support the double standard that it is acceptable for women to attack men without just cause.

Then there is this statement “And I am wondering about what folks at Marcy Projects are saying.” The way I see it, those words inadvertently reflect the comments that Jay is less of a man for not attacking Solange. According to that logic Jay-Z’s beating of his sister in law’s ass, not his credibility as an artist or acumen as a businessman, is what would have galvanized his standing as a man. Really?!  Need I say more about that?

On the flip side let me play devil’s advocate and say Solange had a great reason for attacking Jay-Z. Still, Jay-Z’s life was not in danger and Solange was not armed so he did exactly what he should have and I salute him for it. Actually, while I am at it, I guess I should also salute Charles Hamilton for not attacking his female rhyme battle opponent who struck him on camera. That was the punch heard across the net and to this day I wish Charles Hamilton had not put that video out. He was not respected for showing restraint. Instead, he was penalized and ridiculed in a manner that seriously damaged his career.

Jay Z did not need this blemish on his white Tom Ford dinner jacket but I am sure he, unlike Charles Hamilton, will endure as if nothing happened.

Troy CLE is the author of Marvelous World book series  (Simon & Schuster / Random House Listening Library Audio) along with being the creator of Marvelous World University. He is a graduate of New York University (BA American Literature and English, MS Digital Design) and a highly experienced lecturer who has spoken Harvard, UCLA, Colorado College and many other well know and respected institutions.

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