YG Explains Why Hip Hop Belongs To The West, How His Friends Almost Killed Him + MORE (VIDEO)

YG Explains Why Hip Hop Belongs To The West, How His Friends Almost Killed Him + MORE (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) From making a song named “My N*gga” a #1 hit to an impressive My Krazy Life debut album, YG has proven to live an unconventional life. During a recent interview, the West Coast MC explains how his and other MC’s success

YG’s My Krazy Life is littered with vivid tales of him breaking into people’s homes, witnessing murder and the types of stories that would inspire a Boyz In The Hood sequel. According to YG in his interview with Montreality, his wild past got so intertangled that he once died at the hands of his friends over a misunderstanding:

Homie start shooting, because something happened. Then they start popping back. So I hop in the homie’s ear, I’m right on the side of him, I’m like ‘shoot n*gga.’ I’m like ‘pop that n*gga.’ He start popping again. I’m like ‘keep shooting’, he keep shooting. Come to find out, we walk back in the house, the cars drive off, but the homies called us like ‘y’all n*ggas is shooting at us.’

YG also claims his debut album is a “classic album that nobody expected.” With his sudden rise to fame and other west coast MC’s such as Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar showing commercial and independent success, YG feels inclined to believe that the center of Hip Hop these days is on the left coast:

[Nipsey Hussle] put out a mixtape for free or you can buy it for $100. He made a motherfu*ken statement. N*ggas on the West Coast are making statements. I came out with a classic album that nobody expected. Kendrick [Lamar] came out, his sh*t went platinum. [DJ] Mustard is producer of the motherfu*cken..for years. You got n*gas like Dom Kennedy on his independent grind, getting this money. West Coast, we got it.

Check out YG’s full interview below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPej0w0nDk8]