Yo Gotti Says The Music Industry Is Like "Living In A Fake World"


(AllHipHop News) During a recent interview Memphis rapper Yo Gotti expressed his feelings about being in the music industry. According to the “Act Right” performer, he is one of the few people in the business who really represents what he raps about.

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“I tell my n***as, we real n***as living in a fake world,” Gotti shared with The Dope Academy’s DJ Quinn Raynor and DJ El Plaga. “You may have two n***as who suppose to be on some street s**t. You do something to me, and I do something back. Then you may press charges on me. That ain’t keeping it ‘G’.”

Yo Gotti also addresses rappers who use “fake beef” for publicity. For him, that’s not a tactic he participates in even though he has been involved in public spats. Gotti was one of the artists Gucci Mane mentioned in his infamous Twitter rant earlier this year. The two southern rappers also had issues over their mixtapes being released around the same time.

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Gotti released his sixth studio album I Am last month. The Dope Academy Q&A session eventually led to some of the things the 32-year-old claims he is not.

“I ain’t no sucka. I ain’t no fraud. I damn sure ain’t broke. I ain’t no clown like a lot of these n***as. Money can’t make me move, so I ain’t gonna do sh*t for money,” said Gotti.

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Watch the interview below.