Blame It On The Alcohol: The Spirits Industry Benefits Greatly From Some Hip-Hop Greats


The spirits industry has invaded and profited from what we listen to on the way to work, as well as on our way out for good times. It’s an ingenious plan to invade lyrics with withy, catchy, marketing phrases describing what should fill your cups or glass. After all, it works with clothing, shoes, and even makeup right? On the flip side one has to wonder if the Hip- Hop community is well read, or just well versed from verses, when it comes to their drink choices.

Will you only sip on something because your favorite artist is, too?

Let’s look at Moscato, for instance. This sweet wine has made its way into upbeat hits, making it an instant hit with some who never would partake in wine before. A dessert wine with dinner, or at any time for that matter – that seems to be all that matters now. Just recently, Nelly’s crew, The St. Lunatics, announced their plans to market “Freaky Muscato.” Can Hip-Hop make anything cool, even if it’s out of its usual context? Some may the answer to that is a resounding YES.

Then, as we look at the various popular liquors, Diddy’s Ciroc, Luda’s Conjure, Grey Goose, and Patron, if they say drink it… millions are running to their local liquor stores and V.I.P. club sections to do just that. Maybe you just so happen to love vodka, tequila, or cognac, or maybe you believe in the celebrities’ brands so much you have to try whatever they put out. It could be a mix of both, just as you might mix Ciroc with orange juice, Grey Goose with pineapple, or Conjure with Coke, to get your favorite drink.

Making money in music is about marketing. How else doers a rapper end up with millions of fans, or millions of dollars in endorsements? Yet and still, some may not take the time to learn about what they hear about in their favorite songs. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, more so of an example of the power the music industry holds, even outside of music.

What’s your favorite drink? Is it musically inspired?

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).