Hot Seat: Camille Cosby Forced To Testify In Bill Cosby's Civil Case


Photo Credit: YouTube

As a self-proclaimed “happily married” woman with a “wonderful life,” Camille Cosby, wife to acclaimed comedian, Bill Cosby, has been ordered to testify in his upcoming civil trial. The illustrious couple has been married for over half a century. Regardless of that union, last Thursday (Dec. 31), United States Magistrate Judge David H. Hennessy, ordered Mrs. Cosby to give a deposition on Wed. (Jan. 4), reports the New York Times.

A collection of seven women contend that Bill Cosby has effectively defamed them. These same women have vehemently asserted that years ago they were sexually assaulted by the once-beloved entertainer. Given that the statute of limitations has lapsed on their allegations, being publicly labeled as liars is the cause for the current civil suit against Bill Cosby.

Citing a variety of grounds, Mr. Cosby’s dream-team of lawyers worked unsuccessfully to block Mrs. Cosby’s forced testimony. On Friday (Jan. 1), they decided to appeal the initial ruling handed down by the federal judge in Massachusetts. Camille, her husband’s former business-manager, is anticipated to endure open questioning pertaining to Bill’s interactions with the opposite sex.

Determined to clear their client, The Cosby Show patriarch has chosen to countersue his accusers. He too vows that his character has been disparaged by defamation.