Diddy Introduces CIROC Apple on Late Night with Seth Meyers & Gives Hilarious Explanation Of BET Awards Fall


Sean “Diddy” Combs
introduced the world to CÎROC® APPLE infused Vodka during his recent appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”. CÎROC® APPLE is the sixth flavor in the line extension from the makers of CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka. The newest variant joins the best-selling lineup which includes CÎROC ® Ultra Premium, CÎROC® PINEAPPLE, CÎROC® PEACH, CÎROC® AMARETTO, CÎROC® RED BERRY and CÎROC® COCONUT. CÎROC® APPLE boasts a vivid green apple flavor infused with a touch of ripeness and a subtly smooth, crisp finish. The newest variant can be enjoyed shaken and double strained, and also pairs excellently with Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail®. The liquid also lends itself well to a variety of twists on more traditional cocktails including the CÎROC APPLE MARTINI, Sangria, Mimosa and Cider.

In honor of the launch, CÎROC has commissioned American performance painter and “America’s Got Talent” seventh season finalist, David Garabaldi to share his creative interpretation of the “forbidden fruit” thematic with audiences in New York and Los Angeles. The artist’s masterpieces will be exposed on larger-than-life wallscapes prominently placed in highly trafficked areas during the month of November. The billboards represent the millions of ambitious dreamers around the country who are passionate and committed to what they are made of. These are the individuals who CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka toasts to every day.

In addition to the bicoastal billboard reveal, Sean “Diddy” Combs also hosted the Emperor’s Ball last night in New York City to celebrate the launch of CÎROC Apple.

“CÎROC® has always focused on innovation and celebration. Our flavors remain at the heart of our unprecedented success. The new CÎROC® APPLE combines one of my favorite flavors with the greatest ultra premium vodka,” said Sean “Diddy” Combs, Chairman of Combs Enterprises.

“We have created a liquid that everyone will want to drink, whether mixing it into fall inspired cocktails or enjoying it in its purest form, on the rocks.”

Check out a clip from Late Night With Seth Myers below as Diddy introduces CIROC Apple and gives a hilarious explanation of his BET Awards fall.

CÎROC® APPLE is now available for pre-order at ReserveBar.com/CIROCApple. Beginning next month, consumers can enjoy CÎROC® APPLE cocktails at top restaurants, bars and lounges across the country with full nationwide distribution expected for January 2016.