FASHION FORWARD: Fli Pelican Bridges The Gap Between Hip-Hop Music and Hip Threads


Fashion and Hip-Hop are not quite siblings, but more like very close cousins. Together, the bond is unbreakable. Even far apart, one still finds a way to influence the other. goes “Fashion Forward” to keep you up on the latest rockable gear:

From hot lines telling us what to rock, to rocking the hottest threads once we see a video and find out designer, the connection is real. Fli Pelican is an urban and creative line that Jay, Weezy, Teyana Taylor, and more have adorned. Fli Pelican is also the next line to watch for.

Founder and head designer, Nino, shares some of the Fli Pelican story here:

“I started my line about four years ago now, with all intention to influence the Hip-Hop community. I started with music being my focus, engineering and producing for seven years. I moved to Atlanta with the hopes of someday having someone famous on my beats. I ended up with tons of famous people wearing my clothes instead.”

There’s something about drive and how it takes you exactly where you should be. Again, the relationship between music and fashion found a way to make magic.

The FLI acronym was applied to give people purpose. It stands for: Find Love Inside. That’s applies to whatever you love to do. The “Pelican” represents selflessness. They have a long history in mythology and Christianity. They say you attract what you put out, and Fli Pelican has a foundation of gold.

For anyone looking to break into fashion, music, or any part of the entertainment industry, Nino leaves you with two simple but profound words – patience and prayer. Makes perfect sense, that’s the only way to truly be FLI.

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