Hip-Hop is Art: ‘Memory Lane in Medina’ Presented by Albee Square 87


Last night (June 23), in Brooklyn, NY at The Bishop Gallery, the creative vision of Professor Q, who curates the established Hip-Hop archive,  Albee Square 87, hosted its first photography exhibition. An array of influential people from the worlds of Hip-Hop and Art, like Just Blaze, converged upon the scene. They enjoyed both the kaleidoscope of  creativity as well as the free-flowing drinks provided by, Heineken.

Sharing a reminiscent reflection of yesteryear’s Brooklyn, the low-resolution photography depicted everything from street kings to the then en-trend fashions. Introspective lenses highlights different political and socio-economic factors that have impacted Hip-Hop’s culture.   Poignant topics such as “Each 1 Teach One,” to “Fallen Soldiers,” and “Incarcerated Scarface,” made up the eight sections of the exhibition.

Check out the gallery for an exclusive glimpse into the exhibition, Albee Square 87 Presents: Memory Lane in Medina. Photos are courtesy of Albee Square 87.

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