Kimbo Slice Gets Another Shot At MMA

Kimbo Slice Gets A New Job!

Kimbo Slice made his name fighting in the backyards of Florida, but he’s got another job in mix martial arts.

The intimidating pugilist has signed to Bellator, according to MMA Junkie’s John Morgan.

kiimbo slice
A formal announcement is expected to be revealed today, as the line-up of Belabor 132 is unveiled.

Kimbo, real name Kevin Ferguson, rose to prominence as his backyard brawls were streamed on the internet.

Slice has not fare well when he tried to transition into formal fighting, in both professional boxing and MMA. And at 40-years-old, he’s got his share of skeptics.

Nevertheless, critics and supporters agree overwhelmingly that Kimbo is a huge draw, despite his limitations. Slice was formerly in the UFC.

Check out one of his infamous backyard boxing matches.