Lifestyle: Isabel Marant’s High-Top Wedge Sneakers Are On Every Fashionista’s Must-Have List

The Ladies of Hollywood’s Must Have Sneakers: Isabel Marant’s High-Tops!

Celebrity fashionistas everywhere have been clamoring to get their hands on the new “it” shoe of the season, and no, it’s not the latest Christian Louboutin shoe. It’s actually a high top sneaker!

The new Isabel Marant high-top sneakers are completely unique and like nothing out on the sneaker market right now.  These sneakers come in a variety of colors from black to beige to multicolored, and feature a 3.5″ hidden wedge and trio of velvet straps.

The ladies of Hollywood can’t seem to get enough of the Isabel Marant high-top sneakers. Beyoncé famously rocked the shoes in her “Love On Top” music video back in October, and Alicia Keys wore the shoes to the Celtics/Knicks basketball game on Christmas day. They’ve been spotted on actress Tracee Ellis Ross during a shopping trip, as well as many other celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie to name a few.

The Isabel Marant sneakers won’t be available until February, and they are quite pricey, retailing at between $680- $760. If you have an extra several hundred bucks to spare and want to have the hottest sneakers out right now, you can order a pair at for $680.