No-Spoiler Review: 5 Reasons To See “Captain America: Civil War”

Superhero Movies Find New Life In Civil War!

As I type this, my eyes are bloodshot red and I am tired. Last night, I trudged to watch “Captain America: Civil War” – back to back and got home after 2am. I was then up for a couple more hours in my Facebook group discussing the movie, looking at commentary and smiling. The highly-hyped movie – that clocks in at 2 and a half hours- did not disappoint. In fact, is exceeded my expectations, which were very high. Wasting no time, we have to salute directors Joe Russo & Anthony Russo, producer Kevin Feige and screenplay writers Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. This movie will likely be regarded as the best movie Marvel Studios has produced thus far when the dust settles.

Without additional delay, I offer: No-Spoiler Review: 5 Reasons To See “Captain America: Civil War”

1) The Movie Erases The Stigma Of The “Super Hero Movie.”

For the longest, the super hero movies category has been a niche expected to go away at some point. Even in looking at the calendar, Marvel and DC seem to be in an an aggressive foot race to make as much money as possible before for time runs out. “Captain America: Civil War” completely takes that notion and tosses it in the trash, then compacts it into nothingness. (2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” did the same thing. It transcended the category.) The acting in “Civil War” is classic, emotive and the story telling in the entire Marvel Universe is like nothing we have ever seen before in an American superhero film. “Captain America: Civil War” is a huge microcosm of this excellence.

2) Captain America And Iron Man Really Have Beef.

This is not “Batman v. Superman,”  where there is some weird misunderstanding or pseudo super villain with a maniacal plot. Avengers and comrades, Cap and Stark fundamentally have insurmountable conflict and it shows in every way, from subtle nuances to the fiercest battles. I promise, you will feel the tension.

3) The Other Avengers Characters.

As a kid, I was a voracious comic book reader and still have all of them. I sat in “Captain America: Civil War “in awe as the comic characters from my childhood came to life. Now, I know this isn’t a fresh notion, but the subtle details in the superhero characters is astounding. Black Widow, a character we have seen on multiple occasions, takes her fight game to new heights. It doesn’t stop: from The Vision to Scarlet Witch to Spider-man to Falcon to War Machine to Hawkeye to Iron Man…to…you get the idea. The movie miraculously manages to fit all of these elements, super villain, micro details and a plot to kill for into one masterful piece of film. I mean, masterful…

4)  Civil War Bucks Convention

I will keep this succinct. Big-budget comic book movies tend to go like this: action scene, build up to next action action scene, build up to really big action scene that threatens the whole planet. Heroes save the day. Without giving away, “Civil War” defies overused stereotype. Even if you watched every trailer, you cannot predict the ending. That has not been the case in most movies in the genre.

5) Black Panther.

Lastly, Black Panther represents the first time this film incarnation of The Marvel Universe has produced a Black leading man. Chadwick Boseman plays the African King Black Panther TO PERFECTION. Even how he lands on his feet is taken into account. His reveal is special even though other characters of color like Falcon, Nick Fury and War Machine represented in a way we’ve never seen in the past. The future holds a Black Panther standalone movie in 2018. This one is special.