Bradley Beats Pacquiao by Split Decision


With the Pacquiao and Bradley fight coming up tonight, many boxing fans are passing the fight off as, “the fight in between the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.” But not so fast – there are murmurs that are circulating amongst boxing experts that say this fight might not go as people expect, and that it may need the full 12 rounds.

See the reason why this fight has a great deal of intrigue is that recently Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) redevoted himself to his religion, and not that it is a bad thing by any means, but some experts are wondering if he may have spent a little too much time focused on the Bible and not as much time training. This is also the heaviest weight that Pac Man has weighed in at going into a fight at (147 lbs.) . Meanwhile Bradley is currently undefeated (28-0. 12 TKOs) and is slow creeping into many boxing circles as a potential upset pick. Bradley stands to earn at least $5 million in the fight, and this is clearly the biggest fight of his career.

For some insight on the fight from a Hip-Hop perspective, take a look at the video below, where Miss Info sits down with Freddie Roach and Roy Jones Jr. for New York’s Hot 97. Getting their thoughts on who has the edge and why, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach explains that the fight was necessary until Pacquiao could get his fight with the currently incarcerated Floyd Mayweather.

Fans can enjoy the fight tonight on HBO PPV at 9 EST for $54.95 broadcasted live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, but don’t worry if you miss this fight. Bradley has already started promotion for a rematch later this year. This could get interesting!


Pre Fight – Prior to the fight Pacquiao says that he would put on his gloves after the Celtics-Heat game, as Pac Man is a known Celtics fan.  Bradley interviews with HBO/PPV and already has his gloves on more than 30 minutes before the fight. Bradley comes out to DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win,” and another unknown song, some on Twitter think its Bradley himself rapping. Pacquiao enters to “Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor. Fight starts at 9:10 MST.

Round 1: Both fighters aggressively attack each other, Manny and Bradley exchange blows as Bradley leads with a left jab, but every time Manny throws a left jab he comes out of balance and is out of position. Pacquiao lands 3 left punches at the end of the round as the crowd gets louder with every shot Manny lands. Pacquiao 9, Bradley 10.

Round 2: Bradley holds on to Pac Man early in the fight. Reggie Bush is spotted. Pac Man’s trainer says for him to “Take it easy, 1-2.” Pacquiao 19, Bradley 19.

Round 3:  Manny continues to land left punches. Bradley is having difficulty neutralizing Pac Man’s speed,  Bradley holds on to Pac Man and ref has to separate continuously.  Bradley lands a few body shots and Pacquiao counters with shots to Bradley’s head. Pacquiao 30, Bradley 28. Bradley is having difficulty moving his hands.

Round 4: Pac Man hits Bradley with a fury of shots to the head as Bradley weaves with his head down. The ref separates the two and Pacquiao clearly wins the round.  Trainer says “forget about your foot,” Manny catches Bradley during several exchances on the side and back of his head, 38-36, Pac Man.

Round 5: Bradley dances around the ring retreating, Pac Man lands several left hands with Bradley on the defensive with Pacquiao clearly wearing Bradley out. Pac Man’s mouth is clearly bleeding, Bradley took several left hand shots. 50-45 Pac Man.

Round 6: 60-54 Pacquiao has won every round according to several experts.  Manny closing out the rounds strong and Pac Man’s lefts are too much for Bradley

Round 7: Pac Man has a cut tongue and bleeding mouth, 68-65 Bradley appears to be wearing down, the two exchange blows during near the ropes. Manny wins the round again.

Round 8: Bradley gets Pac Man on the ropes and Pac Man smiles. Entering the last part of the round, the two boxers dance around mostly but exchange at the end. The least energetic round so far. BUT, Bradley does enough to bring the score closer, Pac Man 79-73 there was a headbutt in this round for sure.

Round 9:  Announcers say Bradley has lost every round so far,   A few uppercuts landed, Tim Bradley get nailed with several shots, and its clear Bradley is tough, but Pac Man doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty with Bradley.  Mark Wahlberg spotted. 89-82 Pacquiao.

Round 10: The two exchange shots, Bradley with a few jabs, they are tangled up, Bradley jabs but with little damage. Bradley’s best round, bell sounds. Bradley breaks the shutout so far, but we know who won this one at this point. Bring on Mayweather.

Round 11: Bradley and Pac Man are separated at the ropes, Pac Man sends a few haymakers out there to end the fight but the misses, Bradely dances around and gives Manny a few shots but it seems like its too little too late. Pac Man lands a few left hands looking for a KO. 106-103 Manny.

Round 12: Bradley doesn’t seem to be hurting Pacquiao, again Bradley throws punches to the end, seems to be winning round, but it proves to be not enough,  Bradley never stops trying to win the fight, but Manny’s left hand dominates the fight throughout.  He overpowers Bradley 119-109, and the left hand proves to be the difference maker as he wins 11-1 of the 12 rounds.

By split decision Bradley wins the fight as 2 of the 3 judges score Bradley as the winner. The announcers are shocked and “confused,” as Bradley scores a controversial split decision.

Judges Scores:  Duane Ford 113-115 (Bradley), C.J. Ross 113-115 (Bradley), Jerry Roth 115-113 (Pac Man)