Pink Dolphin: Inspiration, Success and Future Plans for the Brand


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If you pay any attention to fashion, like most Hip-Hop heads, you know about the latest up and coming brands that everyone in the game is rocking. That being said, most people have heard about Pink Dolphin after a great run this past summer and over the past few years. If you had the pleasure of rocking a Pink Dolphin hat, tank, or T-shirt this summer, you surely got some looks, as people commonly notice and comment on the obvious use of the color pink in their gear.

Some people say it looks like it’s Miami Vice themed; either way, you stand out when you wear Pink Dolphin. Simply put, it makes your different from everyone else at the party.

Founded by Cena, Neima, and Young L (a rapper from the Bay Area rap trio, The Pack), Pink Dolphin prides itself on being rare, exclusive, and different from everything else that exists on the market. The trio started off printing signature T-shirts on Hanes white T’s in 2009, and since then, Pink Dolphin hasn’t looked back as it’s built a clothing empire.

From nothing to now having its first flagship store in the heart of L.A.’s Hip-Hop fashion district on Fairfax in Hollywood, Pink Dolphin has made great strides toward developing a sustainable business in today’s Hip-Hop clothing industry.

Rappers and singers are co-signing the brand as well, as Chris Brown tipped his hat to the brand and has been seen out wearing the gear on multiple occasions. As well, when Pink Dolphin opened up their flagship store, they brought Chief Keef out to L.A. for a star-studded celebration that included crowd appearances by Chris Brown, Rihanna, Rob Kardashian, Sean Kingston, Lauren London, and many more.

Now the guys have plans to take the brand to “more lifestyle products like housewares,” according to Cena, Co-Founder and Creative Director. As you will see in the video below, the guys come from humble beginnings, from wearing Kirkland white T’s and Dickeys in high school to rocking some of the dopest gear in the game that they designed.

It’s a great story…that’s still developing.

For a look at all of their Fall 2012 gear, go to and get some gear while supplies last! Also, check below for’s exclusive sit down with the minds behind Pink Dolphin.