Random Weirdness From The ‘Net: Asian Drake & A Genetic “Baby Blue Ivy Carter” Predic-Pic?!?!


Strange Internet Face-Alterations…Featuring Asian, Female Drake???

You can literally find anything on YouTube these days. From people performing various “acts,” to taking bad ones off coffeetables, to giving lessons on how to pop zits, there are a lot of people with A LOT of time on their hands on YouTube.

BUT, every now and then, you see a video where someone has gone above and beyond the stuff that most regular people think about doing. In this clip, an Asian woman decides to transform herself into Black/White, biracial rapper Drake! With not very much, she does a decent job at somewhat, kinda resembling him. The way she nails his lip gestures and hand movements, though??? Priceless! Take a look:

On another note, these Drake fan obsessions are getting just plain kray.


No, Really. What Will/Does Little “Blue Ivy Carter” Look Like?

So, not even 36 hours old, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby has already spawned endless photoshopped prediction pics on the Internet of what she will/does look like. There’s even a reported first pic of the baby, although it’s likely one from when auntie Solange gave birth some years back.

BUT, the YouTube clip below might be the closest we’ll get for now to ACTUALLY seeing what Baby Blue Ivy may resemble. You see, someone actually did a reported 90 hours of genetic research into Beyonce and Jay-Z’s backgrounds, coupled with 45 tedious hours of Photoshop, and came up with this! This really looks feasible (if Beyonce’s strong Creole genes won out), but what do you think?:


And Now, On To Some Dysfunctional Family Mess…

Stories like this are well, hmmm…un-friggin-thinkable!! This one comes all the way from Kenya, Africa. So, there’s a cheating husband – not uncommon. A wife who catches her scandalous husband in the act at a motel – still pretty common. And then there’s the husband in the clip below, who decides to turn the tables on wifey, even though he’s clearly been caught!:

Dang, where they do ‘dat at??? Apparently somewhere in Kenya.

Via: Whatthehayell.com