Ryan Leslie’s Unparalleled Presentation At The Vortex Immersion Dome


Ryan Leslie set the tone for what’s to be expected on his latest project, The Magnificently Zealous #Renegade Takeover (MZRT), scheduled for independent release on Independence Day.

Fat burgers and cocktails were served for the guests. Ryan made himself available to take pictures and talk about Disruptive MultiMedia (DMM). He has developed a program where he can track downloads and can communicate with his fans more intimately than he can on standard social media. Ryan shared his testimony stating, “About two years ago, I decided that I wanted world interaction and real relationships with the people that supported me. I would look at my Twitter feed and wonder how many of these people I could call, and the crusade to figure it out began.”

Upon arrival, the guests followed a red carpet into the interactive environment called “The Vortex Immersion Dome” where Ryan’s MZRT was presented on three screens to create the dome effect. First, Ryan recognized the independent and entrepreneurial spirits in the room, stating that this night was their night, for he was living proof that they can achieve whatever they want on their own. Leslie then told a comical but true love story as we transitioned into the first song “Designer Pain.” As listening sessions work in the Dome, the listeners turned their back to Ryan as he performed live, and they watched the visuals immersed into three screens.

Ryan’s delivery was smooth, and the acoustic strings played by Gabe Lambirth were simply amazing! Ryan’s true testimonials mixed with visuals converted his non-believers. He left a strong impression for his independent release MZRT. The audience was engaged, and the momentum rose even more during the third song “The Wood.” The bass on that song carried through the listeners, as you could see heads bobbing. Near the end of the hour-long show, audience members were rapping and singing, repeating the hook, “every moment in life we write history.” At the very end, Ryan left them with the greatest independent renegade quote as he shifted into the last song. All of a sudden, the dome went pitch black. By the time people turned around to face him, he already had vanished. Listeners were disappointed by his abrupt exit, for they had questions to ask him.

Before attending the listening session, I became familiar with Ryan Leslie through diligent research. Browsing the net, I came across multiple videos with high view counts. Ryan Leslie is an exciting performer with swag and stage presence—and it doesn’t hurt that he is hands-on with his product. I loved the disruptive media concept, and the implementation was cutting edge. Ryan uses the World Wide Web to the maximum by enhancing audience reach. With his technological savvy, Ryan has fostered with his fans a relationship that will help him live his dreams creatively. Feel free to text Ryan at 915.600.6978, and subscribe to his site, MZRT.com. Also, Ryan wants you to know that the 3rd Annual NYE Black Mozart party will be at Castle. Ryan’s top 200 fans will fly from all over the world to attend.

Check out more photos from the event below.

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Also check out Ryan’s new video for his single “Designer Pain”