911 is a Joke: Baltimore PD Reportedly Contrived Gang Threats During City’s Protests


Photo: IG / YouTube

Earlier this year, Baltimore’s State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, indicted the six officers who participated in the unprovoked arrest of the now-deceased, Freddie Gray. While in police custody,  Mr. Gray would later succumb to fatal injuries that he allegedly sustained at the hands of his arresting officers. Given his untimely demise, the city of Baltimore collectively voiced its frustration and held several protests.

Back on April 19, Freddie Gray died from the fatal injuries that were inflicted to his spine. On the day of Freddie’s funeral,  April 27, an ominous newsletter was issued on behalf of the Baltimore Police Department’s media office. It insisted that the Crips, the Bloods, and the Black Guerilla Family threatened violence, this according to VICE.

Since then, a  a widely circulated email communication has surfaced from employees of the Department of Homeland Security. It strongly questions the validity of the BPD’s initial newsletter. Earl Rose IV, a DHS intelligence officer, received an email from a concerned employee who works at the Maryland Fusion Center in the intelligence & analysis. That source conveyed his angst regarding the supposed threat of gang violence and wrote the following message:

“The gist of this alert asserts that the BGF [Black Guerilla Family], the Bloods, and the Crips, have partnered to ‘take out’ law enforcement. The alert says this is a credible threat, but, I do not know if that ‘credible threat’ means that they actually have specific information or that the 3 groups involved have credibility in taking that kind of action against law enforcement, I would assert that it’s the latter…”

What is the best way for the city of Baltimore to atone for Freddie Gray’s death?