EXCLUSIVE: CTE Rapper 2Eleven Speaks on Fight with Game; Says Game “Sucker Punched” Him


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(AllHipHop News) CTE affiliate and Inglewood, California rapper 2Eleven spoke with AllHipHop.com to share the details of an altercation with Game, at Lil Wayne’s birthday party last week in Hollywood.

Although the skirmish was caught on tape, details about what set off the altercation are scarce, so 2Eleven decided to clear the air.

According to an article on September 29th published by TMZ , Game was in Hollywood Thursday night (September 25th) with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and Lil’ Wayne, when 2Eleven reportedly approached Game and “started talking smack.”

2Eleven says things went down much differently than TMZ reported and says that he never approached Game to begin fighting.

“So I had seen one of my homies, I went to catch him. I walk out the section right, I take five steps outside the section and someone comes and hits me from the back of my head,” 2Eleven told AllHipHop.com.

“I turn around and I could see the security like on the way, so I tried to get one off on him,” 2Eleven said. “There wasn’t no fight, no words. From what I heard and what I heard on the internet it’s like I ran up to him and had some words. But man there wasn’t no words. Why would I run up to a n**ga that 6’5” with two armed bodyguards with him, talking some s**t, with me and my young homie. I’m not even that kind of dude my n**ga.

“I sit back and play the cut, I’m on these b**ches. Plus we at Wayne’s private party, like c’mon man, you just on some n***a s**t,” 2Eleven explained.

The two rappers have had well-known issues in the past, that stem from a late September 2011 incident.

2Eleven reportedly filmed Jomo “Rosemo700″ Zambia, an associate of Waka Flocka’s 1017 Brick Squad movement, attacking fellow Inglewood rapper Boskoe.

In addition to his beef with Boskoe, RoseMo also reportedly had previous beef with Game, after a confrontation in Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, as the rapper was shopping with his son.

Tragically RoseMo was killed just months after he posted videos of himself bragging about knocking out Game in that same incident, although police have not found any links to Game whatsoever stating that Game is not a suspect in the RoseMo homicide case.

At the time of press, 2Eleven has said that he will not press charges for being allegedly hit in the back of the head.

To hear AllHipHop.com’s exclusive conversation with 2Eleven, check the audio links below.

2Eleven speaks on Game Fight

2Eleven Says Game Sucker Punched Him

2Eleven Speaks on RoseMo, Boskoe, Game, Ice Burgundy Beefs

More news as details emerge.

Editor’s Note: While the beef in this situation are being reported for news purposes, AllHipHop.com does not condone nor endorse violence amongst rappers in any way shape or form.