EXCLUSIVE: DMX Reveals Details About Almost Becoming A “Bad Boy” And How Biggie Made Him Appreciate A Smile


(AllHipHop News) DMX’s new album, Undisputed is in stores now, and for many fans, there is no disputing that musically, Dark Man X is back on top of his game. In an exclusive, sit-down with AllHipHop.com, the rapper reminisces back to his unsigned artist days and shares a story about nearly signing a record deal with Bad Boy – but being overlooked in favor of The Lox.

“You know the Lox got signed before I did. They were a “safer” group,” said DMX. “Puff signed them, and you know it was a blessing and a curse, because they were happy they got signed and they were on “The Benjamins”, but then he [Diddy] made them jiggy and put them in suits and made them write lyrics for him and took their publishing and raped them.”

DMX goes on to explain how Damion “D-Roc” Butler set up a meeting between himself and Diddy, but Diddy passed on signing him because he didn’t feel that DMX was a marketable artist.

“The thing I respect about Puff was that he told me to my face [he said], ‘his voice is too ruff, he’s not marketable.'” You got to respect that.”

In the interview, DMX also shares his fond memories of Biggie and explains how Biggie helped him appreciate a smile.

“I never saw Biggie smile until after he died, [it was] in the ‘Hypnotize’ video,” said DMX. “When I saw it, I was like wow, he was really enjoying his life; and it got taken away from him. It was then that I cherished a smile.”

Check out the exclusive video interview below where DMX shares details about almost signing with Diddy, and explains how Biggie Smalls helped him appreciate a smile: