EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Henchman Trial Day 6 – DEA Catches Jimmy Delivering Coke


(AllHipHop News) The sixth day of testimony continued in the Federal drug trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, in Brooklyn, New York today (May 22).

Rosemond is accused of masterminding a $10 million-per-year cocaine operation, that imported hundreds of kilos of cocaine per week into New York.

Prosecutors claim that millions in cash was laundered through various companies controlled by Rosemond.

Today in court, testimony continued from a variety of prosecution witnesses.

The case agent assigned to the Rosemond investigation, Marc Van Driessche, testified today.

Agent Van Driessche investigated Rosemond starting in 2008, until his arrest in June 21, 2011, at a W Hotel after a month-long, nationwide manhunt.

Since then, Rosemond has met with authorities nine different times in an attempt to reach a cooperation agreement with the government.

After his arrest, Rosemond’s first meeting with prosecutors took place on October 4, 2011.

Agent Van Driessche said he attended a meeting with two prosecutors, agents, and an attorney representing Rosemond.

It was during this session that Rosemond admitted that he was a co-conspirator in the cocaine case.

During his first meeting with authorities, Rosemond admitted that he e-mailed an associate named Jason Williams on an encrypted Blackberry, so the pair could pick up “one of them things.”

Later, the two men went to an auto body shop in Newark, New Jersey, where an illegal trap was being fitted on to a black Dodge charger.

Rosemond picked up the charger and went to the LeFrak Housing Projects in Queens, where he received up a kilo of cocaine.

He then met with an associate named Winston “Winnie” Harris, who had already began cooperating with the DEA and was wearing a wire, with agents listening in.

“He was surprised Winston didn’t have the money, but he instructed Jason to handover a kilo of cocaine anyway,” agent Van Driessche testified.

Rosemond said that when he returned, he noticed police entering into his building, so he fled.

In the Proffer Agreement, Rosemond said he later he received a call from someone in Jamaica, who revealed that Winston Harris had been cooperating with authorities.

Rosemond put “two and two together” and fled Brooklyn for the Gowanus Housing Projects, where he spent the night in a staircase hiding from authorities.

Rosemond then made it to a hotel in Brooklyn, borrowed a white BMW from a family member, and traveled to Virginia, where he met up with Jason Williams.

Later in the evening, Rosemond said he traveled to Miami alone by train, where he had his housekeeper to remove $25,000 in cash.

“We didn’t know what happened to the defendant after police entered his apartment in New York,” agent Van Driessche testified.

In the Proffer Agreement, Rosemond also acknowledged he was aware of the $1.2 million stashed in a music crate at Smash Studios, which was going to be delivered to criminal associates in California.

According to agent Van Driessche, Rosemond admitted that in 2010 alone, two associates in the conspiracy provided him almost 500 kilos of cocaine.

He also admitted that he gave a connect named Lamont Bennett $300,000 in cash to settle a cocaine debt.

Van Driessche testified that Rosemond complained that he was going to be forced to sell one kilo at a time, until his money was back up, since he lost hundreds-of-thousands due to seizures of packages.

Rosemond’s publicist issued an official statement to AllHipHop.com about the testimony today:

“As an official publicist for Jimmy for many years, I’ve been listening in on the trial,” Rosemond’s publicist, Sabrina Stowe de Fernandez, told AllHipHop.com. “Since day one, his defense attorney admitted that Jimmy apparently lied during proffering sessions. The prosecutors took the deal off the table and is basically trying to bring those lies into the case as evidence.”

Testimony continues today.