EXCLUSIVE: Nappy Roots' Skinny Deville Provides Meaning Behind New Mixtape "Sh!t's Beautiful"


(AllHipHop News) At the end of May, AllHipHop.com announced that it would be teaming up with Grammy Award-nominated rap group, Nappy Roots, to release their upcoming mixtape, Sh!t’s Beautiful, on June 27.

“We wanted to make a project that’s able to promote our upcoming releases, as well as introduce the world to the individuals who make up the collective known as Nappy Roots,” member Skinny Deville told AllHipHop.com. “We try to make the best music possible and hit as many cities as we can and without the fans support none of that would be possible.”

Because of the overwhelming support they’ve received over the year from fans, the Nappy Roots have decided to let the new project go for free. Said Skinny, “We decided to make it a free release because it’s hard times we all are going thru and we don’t want anybody to illegally download it like our past few releases. So we said f*ck it.”

Skinny continued, “We make most of our money off touring so we can afford to make that move. Plus as we tour the country doing what we love to do we noticed the s### was beautiful. So why not call it Sh!t’s Beautiful and make it free for everybody who knows, follows, and supports the entire Nappy Roots Movement.”

“We put just as much energy and effort into this project as we do with every NR release,” he said. “So the fans who follow and keep up with NR won’t be disappointed. As we all grow as individuals and a collective our music must represent that same sentiment and this is the proof that we unapologetically won’t stop making timeless records.”

The “Sh!t’s Beautful Tour” will resume tomorrow night in Billings, Montana before the group hosts their mixtape release party at Mood Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia on June 26. The tour will then hit cities like Pensacola, St. Louis, Birmingham, and Orlando before coming to a close on July 26 in Vero Beach, Florida.

Tickets for the “Sh!t’s Beautiful Tour” can be purchased at NappyRoots.com.

Check out a new promo video for Sh!t’s Beautiful below: