EXCLUSIVE: Sir Michael Rocks Speaks On The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish And The Status Of “Shark Week”


(AllHipHop News) Following the release last week of his new project, Lap of Lux, Sir Michael Rocks spoke to AllHipHop.com about his relationship with his Cool Kids brother Chuck Inglish, the decision to go solo, and when the fans can expect their sophomore album Shark Week.

“That’s my brother, man. We don’t have no beef, there’s no problem, there’s no issue,” Rocks said of Chuck Inglish. “We’re just as tight as we were whenever we started. It’s just we’re smart enough to know that we can do damage more than one way.”

Regarding the amount of time they spent helping to craft each others projects, Rocks said, “We’ve pretty much been separate on this one so we can see what we can do separately, you know what I mean? I feel like the stronger we get separately, the stronger we’ll be as a group. I feel like it will only make us both stronger as a unit.”

Now that Rocks’ Lap of Lux has been released, Chuck will be releasing his own solo project, Convertibles, later this year. When asked about his brother’s production skills and evolution in the studio, Rocks gave some very honorable props. “With the right amount of work he could be a Kanye, Pharrell,  [Dr. Dre], [Timbaland], Lex Luger, Hit-Boy.”

He continued, “He’s got his own sound, so I feel like he should be sprinkling his beats over a bunch of different high profile projects and just getting his name out there and everything. I felt like he need to be sprinkling those on a lot of major artists, too, man, ’cause they love his sound. He got it. He got his own style, so I feel like it’ll be beneficial to both of us if he’s building up his resume and building the price of his beats higher and higher. ‘Cause that’ll look better for us when we’re rapping on them.”

About the status of The Cool Kids sophomore album, Shark Week, Rocks told AllHipHop.com, “I think that right now we should do these solo things for a second and just establish where we want to be with this, and then we come back when people have kind of forgotten about it. I want people to forget about it and not be fresh on their mind.”

“I think that what we have done and accomplished already is already written in stone, and I feel like it can last as long as we want it to…I’m not really in a rush to just throw something out just to do it ’cause I feel like The Cool Kids name means a lot. Anything we put out will be well thought out and timed well, so we’re going to chill on [Shark Week] for a second.”

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